Know before you GO! Schedule & Parking info!

Diwali - Festival of Lights Schedule & Notes

5:00pm - 7:00pm - Registration Time
5:30pm - 8:00pm – Appetizers, Open Bar, Fire show, Belly Dancer, Performances & Social at Portico Terrace on Solid Surface (indoors/outdoors)
8:00pm – Door Open to banquet hall Grand Cypress Ballroom
8:30pm - 9:40pm – Diwali Presentation
9:40pm – Dinner & Desserts with Live Band 
10:15pm - Dancing with Live Band

Other Notes

-Pick up your tickets from your Head of the Table
-Physical ticket or Ticket on phone will be required at the gate 
-Hotel security will be very tight
-Do not come unless you have purchased a seat
-No tickets are available at the venue​

Parking Info

-FREE Self-Parking in Lot#7
-Discounted Valet Parking $15


-Everyone will enter through the main gate and proceed to parking lot #7 where there is FREE parking. Shuttle will bring you to Portico Terrace for Diwali Social.

-Feel free to drop off passengers at the enterance of banquet hall Grand Cypress Ballroom and go park at Lot #7.

-Then, please, proceed to check in desk. Please have your tickets on hand.

-Everyone attending will need to put on a wristband. Wristbands are mandatory and will be needed to enter and leave the venue.

Table Seating Chart

Diwali - Festival of Lights Flyer

Tickets Info

Dear Member, 

By this time you should have received the tickets for Diwali Dinner for the entire table or individual seats that you have booked. If you still have not received the tickets, please do the following:

Check your junk email folder to find the email - It should have a subject - "Your Tickets for Diwali Dinner - Festival of Lights" If you still cannot find the email, please contact the committee so that we can ensure that you receive the tickets for you and your guests before the event. 

Please note the following:
Tickets will be accepted in a printed form or guests can bring it on a smart phone. 
An easy way is to take a screenshot of the tickets on your phone and text / Whatsapp it to the other members of the table. 

KEEP IN MIND THAT THE TICKETS HAVE SERIAL NUMBERS ON THEM. ONCE THE TICKET IS SCANNED, IT CANNOT BE REUSED. So if the same ticket is accidentally distributed to 2 members, the first guest will gain entry and the latter will not. It is very important that the table heads distribute the tickets diligently so that there is no duplication.

There will be no additional tickets at the venue, so if you or your guests show up without the tickets, their entry will be delayed until the head of the table is able to provide them the tickets that have not been scanned previously.

To prevent any confusion during the event, please follow the above steps and contact GSCFL if there are any questions. 407-468-0716 | 407-924-7015 | 863-651-4418

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