Group Dance Competition
Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Doors Open at 3:30pm
Show Starts at 4:30pm

Emcee Audition Info

Sunday, Oct 22nd 2017 - 1pm to 3pm
Spirit of Joy Church
1801 Rouse Rd, Orlando, FL 32817


Its open to ages 13 to 19

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Coming Soon! Download Mobile App for Group Dance Competition

Download Group Dance Competition App

1) Go to Google Play or iOS Apple Store and search for GDC 2017 to download the Mobile App
2) Enter you information
3) Enter the Activation Code that's received on your email. 
(if you do not see in your Inbox Check Spam or bulk mail)

Mobile App Features :
1) Important Information & Message.
2) List of Performances
3) Updated schedule in real time
4) Notification to Vote & will be given 2 minutes to vote for your favorite group.
5) Directions & Parking Info
6) Book Photo or DVD

If you have any question / support feel free to contact Chaitanya Patel on 407 766 4447 (text or call).

Direction & Parking Info


Please note, the Bob Carr Theater is not on the Dr. Phillips Center campus. It is located approximately 1 mile north of the Dr. Phillips Center. Cost is $10 for parking.

Click on the address for CAR PARKING Directions via Google map

CP1: 441 Ron Blocker Avenue, Orlando FL 32801
CP2: 355 Alexander Place, Orlando FL 32801

Accessibility parking is in Lot 5, as well as on the first floors of garages CP1, CP2. Guest Drop-Off is now located on Alexander Place, between Lot 5 and the theater.

Download Mobile App "ParkMe" for other parking options.

Food Available for Purchase

- Cash Bar by Bob Carr

- Indian Food

Additional Tickets Info

Tickets needed for All Ages

  • Members = FREE (pick up at the door)
  • Members & Non-Members = $25 for front reserved seat & $35 at the door

Trustees, Committee members, Volunteers, Choreographers, Performers, Friends & Parents - All must have a ticket to enter Bob carr Theater


1) FILL OUT THE FORM - Click on "Purchase Ticket"


2) Call 1-844-513-2014 to purchase over the phone


3) Go to Box Office at 445 S Magnolia Ave at Dr. Philips Performing Arts center. Save 12% processing fee

Mon to Fri - 10am to 4pm

Saturday - 12pm to 4pm

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