Group Registration CLOSED

Competition Rules

Saturday, November 16th, 2019


1) ENTRY REGISTRATION & MUSIC DEADLINE – Monday, October 28th, 2019

(Registration Form will be available online from Sept 27th  – October 28th, 2019 only)

2) NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS PER GROUP: Minimum – 6:  Maximum – 20  Each participant may participate with only one dance group. 

3) DURATION OF MUSIC/DANCE: Minimum – 4 min; Maximum – 6 min

4) INFORMATION NEEDED TO COMPLETE ONLINE REGISTRATION: Dance Category, Group Name, Choreographer & Participant First and Last Names, Music (MP3 format), Birth Dates (for Minor, Junior and Senior Groups), Group contact person‘s Name, Email and Phone number. 

5) BIRTH CERTIFICATES: Please do not email us any birth certificates unless specifically requested.

Choreographers will be responsible for collecting birth certificates and verifying the age for all participants in their group and ensuring that all participants in the group fall within the age category that they are being registered in. GSCF may request a copy of a participant’s birth certificate through a random selection process.  

6) AGE CATEGORY: Up to 25% of the participants in the group may be above or under the age constraints.

7) PROFESSIONAL GROUPS: If participants are trained by a professional choreographer, the dance group must be placed in the Professional category. In the event that a group is placed in the wrong category, it may be disqualified from the competition.  

8) CATEGORY: Choreographers will be responsible for ensuring that the group is registered under the appropriate dance category based on song selection/style of dance/professional/non-professional, etc.  

9) MUSIC: For Folk and Classical categories no fusion music is allowed.*
Any fusion/mixed music should be placed under the Bollywood Fusion category.

10) PRIZES:  Groups will be awarded overall 1st, and 2nd place in all categories. One Best Choreographer prize will be awarded per Age Category.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in disqualification of the group.


I.  Minors: Ages 5-9

     1) Professional: Classical, Folk Dance, Bollywood/Fusion

     2) Non- Professional: Folk Dance, Bollywood/Fusion

II. Juniors: Ages 10-15

    1) Professional: Classical, Folk Dance, Bollywood/Fusion

    2) Non- Professional: Folk Dance, Bollywood/Fusion

Seniors: Ages 16-24: Classical, Folk Dance, Bollywood/Fusion

Adults: Age 25 + -No Sub-categories