Navratri Oct 11 & 12, 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

Join us tonight for the last weekend of Navratri at Lyman High School.  We have an amazing group and many things going on for both nights!  We have stalls, food and much more! 

Here’s our highlights for the upcoming weekend:

1) On Saturday, there will be prizes for the best costume and best garba dance.  Winners will be chosen during regular garba time, and prizes will include Chania Cholis and Jabha sets sponsored by Diva’ni Boutique, Ketan and Raxa Shah. The winner will be chosen anytime between 10pm and 12 midnight Garba rounds. If you would like to participate, please register at the check-in desk. There will be no special round for this competition. Just do the garba with your number attached on your back. For more information, you can contact 407-902-7166.

2) Kids under 12 who has best costume and does best garba will get a trophy on Saturday. Pick up your # when you arrive at the Venue on Saturday, Oct 12th, 2019.

3) We are always here to help our kids.  As you know, kids are always in need of volunteer hours, and we are here for them.  We would love to have our kids volunteer for their Society this weekend, and we will offer a letter of completion for them.
4) We will be announcing the raffle winner for the iPhone 11 on Saturday, Oct 12th right before Aarti.  There is still time to purchase tickets before the big announcement.

5) We will be celebrating Sharad Purnima on Saturday, and dudh pauva will be served for Prasad.

6) During the last two days, food will be provided by Khasiyat Restaurant for purchase with a variety of choices. 

7) Don’t forget to renew your membership for 2020.  Take advantage of the discounted price until 11/17.

8) Gujarati Society also has a beautiful 2020 calendar made for our members, so you can pick one up this weekend. It will have our Indian/American holidays.

9) This will be the last opportunity to pick up your Lahni.  We will not be giving out Lahni after Saturday, so do not miss out.

10) Last chance to buy Diwali Dinner tickets!  We are close to being SOLD OUT and you don’t want to miss out on the party of the year!

11) Also, tickets are available for non-members for our Group Dance Competition which will be at Lyman High School. This event is FREE for our members.  Anyone that would like preferred seating can purchase these for an additional cost online at our website.

Please visit our website at for more information on any of the above.

Gujarati Society of Central Florida

Navratri Flyer for Oct 11, 12

Advertise & Booth Info

$251 to advertise on screen all 5 days

$251 /day for Booth

Please call

407-924-7015 or 407-335-0485

Guidelines & Donate to get Lahni

Please take a moment and take note of some guidelines for Navratri.

1. To help facilitate the check-in process, please have your GSCF Membership # ready upon arrival. Please LOGIN to membership page to see your membership #. Clicking on "Forget Password" can be used to reset your password.

2. You MUST upload your picture at the website if you have not done so

-It allows entry at Navratri

-It allows you to pick up Lahni at Navratri with additional Photo ID. One Lahni per household.

3. Aarti and prasad donation of $501: Get a lahni FREE + 2 daily passes + Ad on screens at Navratri & Diwali. Call/Text 407-924-7015 to donate. 

4. Aarti and prasad donation of $301, get a lahni FREE + 2 daily passes + Ad on screens at Navratri only. Call/Text 407-924-7015 to donate. CLICK TO DONATE

5. Any persons donating for aarti and prasad will have their names displayed on screen during the entire event.

6. For the consideration of our seniors attending the event, the first two rows of bleachers are reserved for you. Please keep these open for seniors and families with strollers.

7. We will also have handicap/wheelchair accessible entry available at the front door.

8. Non-members entry fee is $25 per night. 5 days pass is $75.

9. Student entry fee is $15 per night with student ID. 5 days pass is $50.

10. Lahni will be distributed to PAID MEMBERS ONLY that have became members before Sept 27th, 2019. One Lahni per household with photo ID. 
Lahni WILL NOT be distributed after Navratri.

13. Seniors 75+ WILL NOT be eligible to receive Lahni.

Again, we look forward to the Navratri celebrations.

Pick up Lahni on all 4 days


Tickets available at the door

Members = Free

Non-Members = $25 per day (5 days pass $75)

Students with ID = $15 per day (5 days pass $50)

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